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Terms And Conditions

First: Definitions

1.       (Platform- Location – Club) means the Saudi Falcon Club.

2.       "Customer" means, buyer.

3.       "Exhibitor" means, seller.

4.      "Parties" means, exhibitor and customer.


Second: Legal Obligations

1.     Each user of the Platform shall read these Terms and Conditions carefully before proceeding with the purchase process on the Platform. Submission of the purchase order is considered an agreement to the Terms and Conditions and compliance therewith.

2.     Adherence to the regulations, laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a duty of all users of the platform.

3.     The Club has the right to delete any data or products without giving reasons.

4.     The Club shall not be a party to any sale and purchase made through the Platform and does not guarantee any financial, legal, or statutory obligations.

5.     The club is pre-authorized by the exhibitor to accept the purchase orders, and to deliver the products to the customer.

6.     The club is pre-authorized to receive the price of the products sold via the platform.

7.     The platform user is obliged not to provide any misleading, false, falsified, or incorrect data on the platform.

8.     The Site disclaims any data or information pertaining there to posted on pages or websites.

9.     The Platform shall not be liable for fake accounts.

10.  Users of the platform undertake not to prejudice any security or technical measures on the platform used for data protection.

11.  Product prices may be adjusted and changed without prior notice.

12.  The Club shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage or loss.

13.  The Club shall not be responsible for products that are not available or out of stock. the exhibitor should be contacted.

14.  Legal and statutory capacity shall be available to complete the purchase of products.

15.  When purchasing weapons and ammunition products and when invoiced, the customer has no right to retrieve the products or replace them according to the weapons and explosives system in Saudi Arabia (whether or not the product is received)


Third: Content and Intellectual Property



1.     Your compliance with the Terms and Conditions is an obligation not to infringe intellectual property and commercial rights of the Club or of others locally and globally.

2.     The club has the to the ownership of the content of the product sand all photographs and visual files, and the right to publish the same.

3.     It is not permitted to post links to other websites or apps via the Site, or through private features within the Site.

4.     The site and the ideas expressed are exclusive intellectual property rights which you are not entitled to quote or imitate.

5.     All the contents on the website such as:( Text-Logos-Images-Graphics-Audio and video recordings-and other data information) belong to the Saudi Hawks Club, and is protected by rules and regulations in Saudi Arabia.

6.     Re-production of trademarks and designs on the site is prohibited without the club's written permission.

7.     Terms and conditions are constantly amended in accordance with regulations and systems.


Fourth: Limits of Legal Liability

1.     The unlawful, fraudulent, or antisocial use of the Site and its services as assessed by the Club is prohibited.

2.     The Club is entitled to claim losses or damages caused by the user of the site in violation of these Terms and Conditions.

Fifth: Purchase and Payment Methods

1.     Payment Conditions are subject to Club’s discretion.

2.     It shall not be compulsory for the purchase order to be accepted by the site and it may be rejected without explanation.

3.     VAT and all other charges shall be charged upon payment of the price of the product, commodity, or service.

4.     Payment for the product(s), goods, or services shall be through the platform by electronic means of payment (Visa-MasterCard-Mada) or any other means specified by the platform.

 Sixth: Warranty 

1.     Guarantee of goods or service offered on the platform shall be complied with by the exhibitor. The club has no relationship with the guarantee of the commodity.

2.     The Customer should review the warranty data before completing the purchase.

Seventh: Return/Exchange Policy



1.    - Return and replacement (other than weapons and ammunition products) is subject to the warranty attached to the product or commodity sold by the exhibitor and the club has no responsibility thereto.


2.    When purchasing a firearm, the customer is requested to take the appropriate time to examine the weapon, and by showing the new firearm to you, it is shown in the letter to carry it even if it is invalid.


 Eighth: Contact

For inquiries about all the above points please contact:

Through e-mail: [email protected] 





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