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Falcons have been associated with men in the Arabian Peninsula for thousands of years. Falconry is a legacy inherited and passed on by the Arab generations. Arab falconers were leading internationally, in fact Arab falconer’s superiority in the training of falcons is universally recognized. Since falconry is a living heritage in Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom has agreed to international conventions on the protection of falcons from extinction and the protection of migratory birds.

Today, there are more than 20,000 falconers in the Kingdom. To support the pioneering role of the Arab falconers and the Kingdom’s interest in this heritage, a royal decree was stipulated to establish the Falcon Club in the Kingdom on the 26/10/1438 Hijri, corresponding to 20/7/2017 to create an association of falconers.

The club aims to preserve the historical heritage and traditions associated with falconry culture. Moreover, the club seeks to promote awareness, training, research and action programs to protect falcons and the flourishing sport of falconry to remain a legacy in the Saudi Kingdom’s successive generations.


A Saudi Arabia where falconry thrives and is protected along with our traditions, for the benefit of future generations.


To preserve and promote the historical heritage and traditions of the falconry culture in Saudi Arabia.

About The Club

  • Falconry is an inherited cultural heritage, rebellious to another immigrant.

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