Frequently Asked Questions pattern

How do I set up an account?

We offer an easy registration process. 1- Click on Sign In/Account. 2- Fill in all the information needed to be filled out in the appropriate place. 3- Click on Register.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

You can reset your password through going to login page, then click on Forgot password and write your Email to get the password reset link

What is the process for purchasing through FALCON CLUB PLATFORM?

You can view the buying steps through the link  ⁦‪‬⁩‏‬ .


You can see the approved medical hospitals for weapons check through Saudi Falcon Club

Is there any upcoming event for Saudi Falcon Club?

Please follow the Saudi Falcon club through social media where there will be announcement for new events

When will Delivery & Shipping be available?

Currently we are working with relevant authorities to provide shipping through the kingdom

What kind of ammunition and weapons are being sold?

You can browse and view available Weapons and Ammunition though the link:

Are all the listed weapons on the website available for immediate delivery?

Yes, once you have all the required documents you can receive immediately from the armory store in Saudi Falcon club in Malham north Riyadh

Necessary papers for receiving the order through the exhibition

  • Copy of ID.
  • Copy of weapon license from Absher website.
  • Copy of bought bill from the Saudi Falcon and Hunting Exhibition platform.

Authorization request(not available):

  • Authorization No and a copy.
  • ID of the authorized person.

Deducting 3.45 riyals for verifying National Nafath more than once..

Verification amount is deducted once per month only, in case the deduction happens more than once the amount will be refunded automatically during 14 working days, in case the amount has not yet returned contact the technical support

If the amount is deducted upon completion of the purchase and no invoice is issued or invoiced without data, what is the process?

Wait within 14 working days to return the amount automatically.. In case the amount is not returned after 14 working days contact the Technical Support.

When adding a weapon to the cart shows a note (sorry it seems you can't continue buying this product please check the management of the Saudi Falcons Club 0118262233)..

What is the procedure in this case?

  • Check the expiration date of the old firearms license.
  • After confirming that the permits are valid, the Department of Weapons and Explosives must be reviewed and  Enquired about the reasons for prevention.  


Upon completion of purchase of ammunition conforming to weapon standards, Note appears (SORRY IT SEEMS YOU CAN'T CONTINUE BUYING THIS PRODUCT PLEASE CHECK THE MANAGEMENT OF THE SAUDI FALCONS CLUB 0118262233)..

What is the procedure in this case?

Contact the Technical Support.

The purchase of a weapon was completed, but the permit was not issued on Absher, or a license has been issued for data other than the invoice.. What is the procedure in this case?

Contact the Technical Support.

If the number of Ammunition appears zero in the license, What is the procedure for legal Ammunition to carry?

Contact the Technical Support.

For clarification: only 100 rounds of ammunition are permitted to be carried during movement.