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International Auction of Falcon Farms

The international auction of falconry production farms is organized, and its events start at the headquarters of the Saudi falconry club. Inspired by the northern city of Riyadh, the Saudi falconry club was established in 2017 by a royal decree as part of the kingdom's active contribution to Vision 2030 .within this vision, the Saudi falconry club aims to preserve the historical heritage and traditions associated with falconry and hunting culture, educate visitors to transfer its rich heritage to current and future generations, and continue to develop the historical heritage of falconry and hunting in line with the kingdom's vision.2030

International Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition

The Saudi falconry and hunting exhibition is the largest of its kind in the Kingdom and the world, and brings together all those interested in the heritage of falconry, hunting and land trekking activities in a cultural and entertainment event. The exhibition aims to provide the best and largest collection of falcons, hunting tools and accessories in the kingdom, hunting firearms and aerial weapons, and individual weapons, and the exhibition targets visitors from all segments of society, in addition to interested visitors it works to educate visitors about the hobby of falconry and hunting and to transmit its rich heritage to current and future generations, being one of the main cultural legacies of the Kingdom, and by attracting exhibiting companies and participants from the Kingdom and from various countries of the world to display falcons, hunting weapons and supplies Land and sea activities.

King Abdulaziz Falconry Festival

The King Abdulaziz Falcon festival 2021 is the largest gathering of Falcons and the largest event of its kind in the world . It is organized by the Saudi Falcons Club at its headquarters in Melham, north of Riyadh.It witnesses the participation of elite Falcon owners in the Kingdom and the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf states . And international falconers from around the world .

Melwah Racing

falconry is an authentic Arab heritage since ancient times , and because this hobby has a great cultural status, the royal order to establish a private falconry club under the name of "Saudi falconry club" was one of the most prominent decisions to support this hobby and preserve its heritage and enhance belonging to it among various segments of society, and an extension of the Saudi falconry club's endeavors to diversify programs and events that contribute to enhancing the heritage of interest in Falcons in the kingdom.

Saudi Falcons Club Auctions

The auction of the Saudi falconry club is an auction organized by The Falconry club, and is the largest official auction of falcons that are put up in the kingdom, specifically the sea peregrine falcon.the auction promotes the cultural and civilizational heritage of the kingdom within its plans to achieve Vision 2030 and confirms the kingdom's leadership in supporting cultural, civilizational and economic activities related to the hobby of falconry.