King Abdulaziz Festival Of Falconry

About KAFF

Hunting with Falcons is an ancient Arab heritage from ancient times

The results of many archaeological surveys indicate that the relationship between the son of the Arabian Peninsula and the falcon was more than 12 centuries old, which was confirmed by the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage in its announcement of the discovery of the effects of falcons in the middle area between the province of Tlatlith and the province of Wadi Aldawaser, which attributed to an ancient civilization back to 9000 BC.

The followers of target of “falconer” in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia find it was a mean of earning through the use of its prey at that times, and a hobby through which the falconer is practicing it as a live sport, while today it is an addition to being a hobby and an original heritage with economic returns that are meaningful to some who have taken the field of investment, whether in terms of trade in falcons, or providing support services to its amateurs. At the official level, falconry has a great deal of interest in Saudi Arabia in its various regions, and participated in festivals with wings dedicated to the live falcons presentation, and it does not overlook the provision of specialized courses in falconry breeding, training and introducing the importance of this heritage and its originality in specialized establishments. It shares with the rest of the GCC States to prevent its hunting with guns and reduce overhunting and abide by the applied laws in order to maintain the balance of endangered species. However, unfavorable environmental conditions for breeding falcons, high temperature and humidity limited production and hatching. Perhaps one of the most prominent government decisions in this area is the royal order to establish a falcon club under the name of “Falcons Club“ in order to preserve this inherent heritage, and strengthening the membership of various segments of society. In addition to these endeavors, the club plans to hold its first event, the King Abdul Aziz Falcons Festival. A national event organized by the Falcons Club, which