International Falcon Breeders Auction

Given the historical connection of falconry with our heritage and culture, and the importance of caring for falcons and those interested in them in creating a bond that brings them together, the Saudi Falcons Club was established by Royal Decree.

The Saudi Falcons Club aims to bring together falconers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under one link, and to take care of falcons and hunting and to preserve them, as they are a national legacy and cultural heritage.


We are looking forward to being the first pioneer in the field of development and innovation in the
falconry hobby, breeding and care of falcons, as well as a cultural and economic supporter, and a platform for enhancing environmental awareness.


Preserving the legacy and traditions of falconry heritage and promoting it at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

5th Aug – 5th Sep 2021

Saudi Falcons Club Grounds in Malham Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Owned by the Saudi Falcons Club, IFBA, to be a trusted & secure marketplace for both the club members and premier breeders that attracts global falcon breeding centers, and creates new business opportunities and provide the best quality of falcon breeds for professional falconers in the region.