Posted on: November 23, 2018

Riyadh: The Falcons and Hunting Exhibition taking place from 4-8 December is considered as a foundation and central hub for preservation of history and enhancement of national identity, in addition to deepening heritage roots in the region.

With the various oasis and activities, the show embodies the era that goes hundreds of years back during which the people of the Arabian Gulf region practiced falcon hunting and breeding for its association with power and pride among the people of the Arabian Peninsula. Since ancient times, falcons have played an important role in the lives of the region’s inhabitants and their way to provide food after training them. Also, falcons continue to represent a set of values and principles among Arabs such as pride and nobility.

The SFHE brings visitors back to the days of the ancestors and educates them about the tools and means that helped them adapt and live during that era, reflecting a historical image in a modern way that combines people’s heritage and culture in the region and the renaissance of a nation armed with science and knowledge. Visitors will explore everything about falcon hunting, in addition to camping tools and wild trips.

The 26 oases at the SFHE reflects the civilized and cultural dimensions in addition to the national identity of the Kingdom. The visitors can experience the diversity of these oases that evoke Saudi’s unique environment embodies in desert, oasis, sea and the story of the Arabian Peninsula, which reflects the geographical features the Kingdom enjoys, which were imposed on its people.

Visitors will observe the change in the vocabulary and tools from one oasis to another, where they learn about everything related to falcons and their types and how to feed them and treat them using virtual reality through real instruments that are used in the world of falcons. At the trips and camping tools oasis, you can find all the supplies used by hunting enthusiasts during their trips to the wild.

On another side, the Training Technologies and Supplies section offers the latest technologies and tools used in falcon hunting. At the falcons’ show oasis, falcon and wild birds’ owners from outside and inside the Kingdom are able to exchange experiences and know-how as part of the exhibition’s objective to introduce an integrated experience to its visitors.

Falconers in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region Oasis includes combines the most important local and Gulf specialties and farms, while the oasis of veterinary and falconry services attracts specialized and amateur people to identify specialized entities in veterinary and food industries.

Arms Companies Section includes the latest weapons and gears used in hunting. The entertainment and sustainability sections includes a café along with a seating area where arts and entertainment are carried out throughout the show hours, such as small beaks and virtual games.

The show also includes the falconry board, authentic and hybrid falcons’ auction, a theater with a speakers’ platform, workshops and seminars, and movie shows, entertainment activities and virtual reality.

On the sidelines of the show, the organizers will be hosting camels auction with a high quality registration and monitoring for the registered entities, with the best types of camels that matches all tastes of heritage enthusiasts, whether they are falconers or camel sports lovers.