Types of Falcons

Gyrfalcon Falco Rusticolus (Jeer)

The Gyrfalcon Falco Rusticolus is the largest of the falcon species. It lives in mountainous and cold environments. It is sometimes called the Canadian falcon because it was brought from Canada and Alaska to the Arabian Peninsula. It is also one of the fastest flying species.

Average Length in both sexes: between 41 and 56 cm.

Average weight in both sexes: between 800 and 2100 grams.

The color of the feather varies according to the environment in which this falcon lives; such as white, black, brown and dark brown feather. The Gyrfalcon Falco Rusticolus lives in cold environments, especially in Northern Europe, North America and the Arctic. Also, it can hunt large and small deer, as well as little birds and rodents.