Types of Falcons

Falco Peregrinus (Shaheen)

The Falco Peregrinus is the fastest flying species in the world. It can fly at a speed of 320-km/h. It has around 19 factions in varied parts of the world. Because of its frequent mobility, it will be dubbed in this article as “Falcon Mobile” or “Wandering Falcon.” It is well-known for its ability to hunt while flying. It hunts small mammals, birds, and insects. The Falco Peregrinus is one of the highly desired falcons by Arabs.

Average Length in both sexes: between 38 and 46 cm.

Average weight in both sexes: between 565 and 1050 grams.

The Falco Peregrinus is widespread in many parts of the world and its descendants are found in Japan, Bailey, and Tundra.

The falconers in the Arabian Peninsula divide the Falco Peregrinus into two types: “The Sea Falco Peregrinus” and “The Mountains Falco Peregrinus”. The Sea is characterized as one the largest Falco Peregrinus; and is marked by its light color; and it migrates to the Arabian Peninsula from its place of reproduction. The mountain Falco Peregrinus tends to live in the dark and it dwells and breeds in the Arabian Peninsula.