Types of Falcons

Falco Cherrug/Saker Falcon (Hurr)

This falcon is one of the most preferred falcons by Arabs. It is called Falco Cherrug and Saker, and the last name is taken from the Arabic translation of the word “falcon.” The Arabs prefer this falcon since the warm climate is its natural habitat, and it is a highly clever hunter.

Average Length in both sexes: between 37 and 47 cm.

Average weight in both sexes: between 765 and 1190 grams.

The Falco Cherrug/Saker Falcon is able to snap large and small rodents. It is found in Eastern Europe and Central Asia in Manchuria, Mongolia, Siberia, China, and Pakistan. During winter, it passes through the Arabian Peninsula on its way to Africa. Some of its descendants can be found in the Arabian Peninsula, southern Iraq, Sudan and Egypt.